Locating Antares’ Launch Point in Delaware

Northrop Grunman’s Antares is scheduled to launch tonight at 9:16 PM form Wallops ISland

(OCT 2020) …Every time a rocket launches from NASA’s Wallops Island, we have to decide where to take that shot. If up close it is obvious especially if you can see the launch pad. But back here in Delaware it is hard to find the exact spot to look, unless you have the app for that. This picture will help without using the app.

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Brian Wood’s shot from CHSP … Minotaur V rocket launch last night shot from Cape Henlopen 9/6/2013
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A few years ago Brian Wood took this shot of a Minotaur launch from wallops. He was at Cape Henlopen State Park at the bunker at Herring Point. In the picture you can just barely see the Charles W. Cullen Bridge. The streak is the Minotaur. That is where wallops is in relation to Cape Henlopen. The blue streak is the bridge. If you are at Pot Nets Bayside look just to the right of Bethany Beach. If you are near the Indian River Inlet, Antares will be seen rising behind the bridge.
Many look out to the ocean, the rocket is behind you, and you will miss half the launch.
Also if you are using NASA TV to time the launch the broadcast is on a slight delay. Once you see the launch online she si already airborne. At the count of 10 … 9 … 8 … look out for Antares.
Hope this helps enjoy the launch.

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Northrop Grumman’s NAtares NG-14 and Cygnus on the pad at Wallops Sept 2, 2020 … Brian Wood
wallops flight facility trajectory map, antares, nasa, cygnus, northrop gruman, cygnas
Launch trajectory map for viewing the NG-14 Antares launch from Wallops Island … courtesy of NASA

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