Delaware State Parks To Pave Rehoboth Lewes Highway

The beach run between Gordons pond to Herring Point is getting a facelift.

Due to massive traffic this season on a stretch of beach in Cape Henlopen State Park known locally as the “Rehoboth Lewes Highway”. It has been proposed it is best to just go ahead and pave it as another thruway.
Parks Staff … “We are trying to move people in and out of the parks as fast as possible. Also when President Biden Lands Marine One at Gordons Pond Beach to surf fish. We need to be able to move people and their vehicles around faster. It is much easier to get the drinking crowd to move quicker on pavement. People are using the stretch from Herring point to Gordons pond as park access anyway. We are hoping for less wear and tear on asphalt. The seagulls will love cracking clams on it too. So it has its environmental benefits as well. We are looking at it as a big win”

rehoboth lewes highway, delaware surf fishing
Heading south on the Rehoboth Lewes Highway

Your Possibilities And dreams Are Limitless On The Rehoboth Lewes Highway.
…. Parks new campaign slogan to promote the paving project

Park staff also says … “This will also make it easier to get to the new Retail Concession (Dollar General) coming to the Bunker at Herring Point. We want to be able to move people and product up and down the beaches more efficient. Paving the Rehoboth Lewes Highway as a thru way is much better. Now fully loaded eighteen wheelers will be able to get into Rehoboth from the park faster. Eventually we can add ice cream and beer truck concessions.”

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dollar general, delaware state parks, cape henlopen, herring point bunker
Coming soon … Dollar General banner hanging on the side of the Herring Point bunker in Cape Henlopen State Park

DELDOT is adding a toll booth on the Rehoboth beach entrance side at Gordons Pond to cover costs. We can also connect this to the new Cape May Lewes Tunnel soon to be built near the point. Also the EZ pass system will be used to do tag checks. Tag holders can now hit the beach at fifty plus miles per hour and still be checked in. Nothing says I’m here to actively fish more than a fifty mile per hour drift stop into your spot.

Word on the street is Delaware State Police is planning a road block at the base of the taller tower on the busy weekends. DSP spokesperson … “ Well now that we have a DELDOT thru way it will have to be patrolled as a state road. Honestly can’t think of a better place to put up an alcohol check point can you? Also when President Biden drops in with Marine One to surf fish Gordons Pond. The state police escorts can move more efficiently. Riding those motorcycles on the sand is brutal.”

Going to be a wild summer trying to surf fish around all that highway construction.

See you in the sand box

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