Menhaden Reduction Fleet In The Delaware Bay

Though they have to stay out of the EEZ these menhaden reduction fleets can fish the mouth of the Delaware Bay. We are seeing more and more of this fleet each year. Either our populations are doing that well or they ran out down their way. Daily you can follow the fleets on any of the Ship Finder apps. You can also follow the fleet by following Chesapeake Bay Defenders on Facebook. Updates are posted constantly of the fleets’ whereabouts.
If you are at Broadkill beach, the point, or the Cape Henlopen Fishing pier you can see the fleet on occasion from land.

From Chesapeake Bay Defenders “Menhaden Reduction Industry Fleet Update for Wed 10/14/20: The entire Omega fleet of 7 ships left the Chesapeake Bay yesterday after they had zero fishing in the Bay.
They went through the MD portion of the Chesapeake Bay last night and are now arriving at the mouth of Delaware Bay where they will fish in the offshore EEZ as none of these states allows them to fish within 3 miles of their states waters, unlike Virginia which does allow them, in order to protect their waters.
Six spotters (planes) have just taken off from the Ocean City area as of 6:30 AM so far to find the schools for them (ships).

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Spotter planes coming from Ocean City area … Chesapeake Bay Defenders

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