Monolith Pops Up in Cape Henlopen State Park

The mysterious monolith makes an appearance in Delaware

While surf fishing this morning we turned around and saw a monolith near the fire control towers on Gordons Pond beach. It was smooth and silvery. The tide was all the way out and we were concentrating on a cut looking for striped bass.

monolith, delaware surf fishing, gordos pond, cape henlopen state park
Monolith seen at Gordons Pond Friday morning.

“The surf fishing was okay until we saw the monolith, then it shut down” said one surf angler. “It was real quiet and still out, like time stopped. The birds were even quiet, for once. We continued fishing for a bit and when we turned around the monolith was gone, and the fish started biting again.” We have been discussing this all morning and are seriously hoping for aliens at this point.

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Where will the monolith pop up up next? Only the shadow knows.

delaware surf fishing, sunrise, cape henlopen state park
Killer sunrise this morning

The only thing that would make this better is if it were April 1st.

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