Delaware State Parks Closed For Capacity But That Isn’t Stopping Some

All of the ocean parks in Sussex county are closed to capacity; Cape Henlopen State Park, Fenwick Island State Park and Delaware Seashore State Park. Not sure about Beach Plum it is usually the wild west up that way.
But that isn’t stopping some folks. People are parking along the park entrance at Cape Henlopen on route 9 and walking into the park. It is free to walk into a Delaware State Park and ride a bike. So it is really only closed for limited parking. These closures will last longer today due to it being a holiday weekend. I’m sure there is space on the drive on beaches to cram in a few more vehicles.

You can watch cars being turned around as fast as they make it to Cape Henlopen state park on the osprey web cam. You can also see people walking with all of their beach “stuff”. I’ll hit the beach on Tuesday, everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.

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Cars lined up to get into Fenwick Island state park some will sit there for hours to get in on route 1.

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