Advisory Council on Tidal Finfisheries Meeting

Now is your chance to sit in on these fishery meetings form home. I see many complain they never have time or the meetings are too far away. I have even heard they set the meeting times on purpose to make it difficult to get to a meeting. That isn’t true, but believe what you want. I think it is an excuse for not wanting to go, or to deflect form really not wanting to be involved. This group advises DNREC on needed changes. These are the people you ask to look into making changes in our fishery. Pay attention and get involved.

Dover (Nov 3, 2020) … Delaware’s Advisory Council on Tidal Finfisheries will meet virtually to discuss various tidal finfish management issues at 6 p.m. Wednesday, November 18. For the web link and phone-in number for the meeting, and for more information, including the meeting agenda, visit the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar at  If you have questions about the meeting or for more information on Delaware fisheries, please call DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife Fisheries Section at 302-739-9914.

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VIRTUAL MEETING INFORMATIONWebEx Virtual Meeting. Event Number: 173 878 9467, Event password: TFFAC Dial-in Number: 1.408.418.9388 (This is not a toll-free number) or online at

Meeting agenda Tidal FInfish Advisory Council

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