Delaware Drive On Beach Conditions March 12th

Lot of people are heading down and the beaches had some activity today. Vehicle activity and anglers, don’t get excited unless you like dogfish and skate. Nothing wrong with catching them at all, but things haven’t changed. The ocean is still about forty two degrees. Someone will probably catch a few short striped bass this weekend with that many more lines in the water, closer to structure.

Fenwick Island State Park looking towards Bethany

Beach Plum Island State Park has a small drop off where all that sand that washed out of Broadkill Beach has accumulated. The beach has gotten wider since that berm build.
The lower ocean beaches are all fine. Navy crossing is now open. The beaches are wide and flat. You can easily see the wrack line for high tide and we have calm seas. From the “edge” of the surf in Delaware Seashore to Fenwick island is that steep “hill” to the water. No big deal just a little hike up. Cape Henlopen State Park is fine.

I wouldn’t worry about flies but you can always check the Damn Fly Meter

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Gordons pond looks good too
Beach Plum Island State Park
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Conquest beach looking towards Dewey Beach

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