Delaware Surf Fishing “Uber” Of Sorts

We are getting a lot of requests about how to get on the beaches. Walk on surf fishing locations we just did an article on. Many are looking for rides.
One thing someone suggested was a way for people to meet up and get a ride to surf fish. Not a bad idea. Knowing what I know about parks permits, rules etc. The only way to do this is as a free service and not be the guy doing the driving. Liability. That being said we came up with this idea.

We are working on a plug in (app) for the website that will work like a bulletin board. People could put up a “post” or notice.
I will be here from X date to X date looking for a ride onto X location. Yeah in boats you can’t pick your spot, but in this case we have our favorite beaches. You might meet some cool angler friends.
The only issue at the moment … covid.

With parks’ mask requirements it might take some time before this would be an acceptable service. Stay tuned we will keep you posted.

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In the mean time people are already linking up to fish on the DSF Facebook group page. Keep the covid restrictions in mind please. Not really an isue to wear a mask in vehicle with open windows on a beach to get to a spot. With the 20 foot covid vehicle spacing rule that gives all angler space in that space, to space six feet apart. We will have posts on the group page for the same purpose as well. Not everyone uses Facebook (lucky dogs) so we will have something on the website as well.

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