DNREC Beach Monitoring List Extended Oil/Chemical Spill

DNREC has extended their beach monitoring to Fenwick Island. Adding South Inlet Beach, 3Rs’ Bethany and South Bethany, Fenwick Island State Park, and Fenwick Island. Maryland DNR is monitoring Ocean City. I do not know if this has reached Assateague but at this point is only a matter of time.

I haven’t heard of much around the inland bays but that doesn’t rule it out. The floating tar balls can easily make their way into the inland bays. Same for the Ocean City Inlet.

DNREC ….. Type: Additional Information |
Reason: Chemical/Oil Spill
Location: South Indian River Inlet Beach
Start Date: 10/28/2020
Start Time: 11:30
End Date: 10/31/2020
End Time: 08:00

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Description: Additional Information
Comments: The cleanup operation continues along the Delaware coast by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and assisting agencies. Due to the potential presence of oil on all Atlantic Ocean beaches, the advisory has been extended to include all southern beaches from the South Indian River Inlet Beach to the Town of Fenwick. For more information go to http://recwaters.dnrec.delaware.gov

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