Rowing From Cape May To Delaware

“Every time I am out here I see some weird “stuff”.  Josh Levan didn’t say stuff, but we are keeping it G-rated.  Last weekend while Josh was setting up to fish the point in Cape Henlopen state park.  He watched a row boat pull ashore.  Usually we see this with kayaks, SUP’s, canoes, the occasional sailboat, motorboat, and a charter boat this week.  So a row boat was not surprising.  What was surprising is these boys rowed here from New Jersey. 

Darrick Kobierowski and Tom Killian rowing across The Point into the Harbor of Safe Refuge to get to the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier.

Darrick Kobierowski and Tom Killian, two Wildwood Crest Patrol Boys, rowed to the point from Cape May, New Jersey.  In under three hours.  High school buddies on the rowing team for North Catholic.  “Two old guys that wanted to do something they never did before. We just want the bragging rights, we are not the first to do this and definitely not the last.  Now we are waiting for a ride back with a buddy.  We are not rowing back. We put in at Cape May lighthouse at 8:50 AM and got (here) to the point at 11:20 AM ”  No GPS, or compass, they just sent it!  Jumped in the row boat and pulled a George Washington at the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

lifeboat number 9 11 01, Andy Alameno, crest boat, wildwood new jersey, row across delaware bay
Darrick Kobierowski and Tom Killian rowed from Cape May to The Point in Cape Henlopen State Park Saturday October 3rd … Josh Levan
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Josh Levan “We looked at their GPS route on their phone and it was an impressively straight line”   I would have trolled on my way across and caught a fish, just to add to those bragging rights.  Nice work fellas.  
Josh took some great video but we can’t show it all to you. We have to work on his F bomb timing skills, which are spectacular by the way.

lifeboat number 9 11 01, Andy Alameno,  crest boat, wildwood new jersey, row across delaware bay
Lifeboat 9.11.01 Andy Alameno that was rowed across the Delaware Bay .. Josh Levan

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