DSF’s Fall Surf Fishing Tournaments Are Canceled

I hate to say this, but we are canceling War On The Shore and The Fall Fish Bowl. After a long conversation with park administrators I came to the conclusion it will be too hard to have a fun event.

Due to the limit of 300 anglers (vehicles), we would fill a beach in Cape to capacity per the state parks new rules for Covid (20 feet). However I was informed they (parks) would not guarantee to keep that capacity clear for the tournament. In other words no one will be preventing people from parking between anglers and breaking the 20 foot rule. Even though we have filled that beach area to capacity anyway. I can already see the problems that would create. Especially by some of the typical not so sportsman like attitude folks we had last year. You all would be competing for $10,000, no one wants anyone in their way.
I am also responsible for all of my staff and I refuse to put them at risk judging and measuring fish, around people who don’t take this serious.

Also, in order to gather and have any awards in the park, we have to apply for a gathering permit from the State of Delaware, which takes forty-five days for approval. We also need this permit for the tournament itself. One of the other requirements for events over 250 people, you all might have to sign a Covid tracing contract. Even if we limit the event to less than 250 people, everyone usually brings at least one person with them. I require at least twenty judges on hand. So an event limited to only 220 anglers already has a potential of 480 people.
I’m not going to ask my staff to deal with all of that drama either. I’m sure other event organizers are either complying or possibly ignoring these requirements.

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Hopefully next year in 2021 we can have a much better time starting with May The Fish Be With You, in May.
One of the benefactors of our tournaments is Frets 4 Vets if anyone would like to you can donate to their organization.

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