Orca Pod Breaches Ocean City Inlet

The yearly east coast orca run has started, they are heading to the spawning grounds.

Yesterday Mike Givens from the band Monkey Paw and fellow Wallops Rocket Chaser was at Ocean City inlet doing a little drone footage before playing that night. Getting shots of the town and inlet.
“All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, this huge thing jumps out of the water. I looked over and there is just a massive splash. Not a few seconds later this big orca breaches right in the inlet! Then I see a few more, it’s a pod! It was amazing! I was so glad the drone was up. I called you, yelling, dude look on the webcam!! There’s a pod of orcas in the inlet!!”

Of course I looked and there it was … an orca breaching the inlet with a pod swimming around, in Ocean City, right on the inlet webcam. Totally cool. I wondered where he would show up this time, and this year he brought the family.
Every year this orca heads to the C&D canal to head up to the spawning grounds on the Susquehanna. In years past he has been spotted breaching at the C&D canal, and the Indian River Inlet just last year.

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Coincidentally this orca shows up every year on the one day you shouldn’t believe anything you read on the Interwebs.
Happy April Fools day.

Tell your friends, have some fun. I sure am

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2020 … Orca Breaching at the Indian River Inlet
2018 … Orca breaching in C&D canal

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