Assateague OSV Still Closed Due To High Water

Unfortunately the Assateague OSV area could be closed for a wile longer

From the Superintendent: OSV Status: (Sept 22, 2020)
I know that many of you are anxious to get back onto the Maryland OSV. I walked out there this morning. Literally the entire OSV beach is underwater. As far south as I could see the entire beach was underwater-in most places beyond the West Boundary markers. In some places the water was over thirty feet beyond the markers.

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The combination of Very High Tides, Strong Northeast winds, and several Atlantic Hurricanes passing off shore has created a rare situation.
It is unlikely that we will even be able to evaluate the beach before Thursday. The constant overwash and standing and flowing water have created areas of unstable sand and even supersaturated areas of quicksand. There is also the possibility that deep gullies or even inlets may have been created.
As soon as it is safe to send our staff out we will begin evaluation and if necessary repairs. I do not anticipate this to happen before Thursday morning. We will do our best to get the area open before the weekend-but will not open it until it is safe to do so.

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