Assateague OVS fees Will Increase in 2021

The National Seashore Park is increasing fees for OSV users.

“In the summer season of 2020, the National Seashore saw an 81% increase to OSV Zone use from the average use over the last five years. With this increase of use, there was also an increase of cost. The new cost recovery permit fee is intended to offset this cost to the National Seashore while not creating a significant impact to the visitors of this area.
The cost of driving on the beach in similar areas in neighboring states such as Delaware Seashores and Cape Hatteras are well above the new permit fee at Assateague, keeping it the best deal around.

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National Seashore Park fees for the OSV at Assateague Island
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The total number of vehicles having access to the Maryland OSV zone will remain unchanged at 145. As always, a beach driving permit is required and once the 145-vehicle limit is reached further access is limited to one vehicle on for each vehicle coming off the beach. Many OSV users arrive early and can remain on the beach overnight, if they are awake and fishing, or camping in the “Bull Pen” in a self-contained camper.”

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lonely deserted beaches of Assateague Island National Seashore

I wouldn’t agree with it being cheaper than Delaware OSV permits. For in state it is still only $90 for Delaware. It is cheaper for out of state. But then again this si a national park not a state park, so everyone pays the same fee.

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