Council on Recreational Fishing Funding to meet virtually

Council on Recreational Fishing Funding to meet virtually at 7 PM on November 10 to discuss funding priorities

This Council is charged with providing guidance to the Division of Fish & Wildlife in selecting and prioritizing construction and maintenance projects for the Fisheries Section and considers issues relative to funding of any fishery-related projects.

Dover (Nov 9, 2020) … Delaware’s Council on Recreational Fishing Funding will meet virtually at 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 10.  The Council will discuss the status of recreational fishing funds and the fishing access projects financed by the recreational fishing funds, and other topics. For information on connecting to the meeting and the meeting agenda, visit the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar at

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Agenda for November 10, 2020
7:00 PM
This is a Virtual Meeting. To Attend, Please Follow the Instructions Available on the State

  1. Welcome – Chairman
  2. Approval of minutes from November 12, 2019 meeting – Council
  3. Update on current and future project funds – DFW Staff
  4. Update on current, approved, and potential construction projects – DFW Staff
  5. Discuss options for holding Chair and Vice-Chair election at the next Council meeting if
    the meeting is held virtually again – Council
  6. Public Comments
  7. Agenda items for next meeting – Council
  8. Ending remarks and adjournment – Chairman

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