Fishbites Versus Bloodworms

(August 5, 2019) … David Beebe, the owner of Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle, did a comparison of Bloodworms versus several flavors or formulas of Fishbites. There has been a shortage of both the last couple of weeks, due to everyone using them for bait, and the excellent fishing to boot. I asked Dave to tell us about his comparison. We are working on a few more comparisons like this over the next couple of weeks.

The hot Spot bite at the Cape Henlopen Pier and along the surf has created a scarcity of real bloodworms, with every local shop running out during the past two weekends. Despite almost doubling my order from the previous week, we sold our last bag around noon on Sunday and I drove to Virginia at 5 AM in order to be restocked Monday morning.

Spot caught at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier … photo Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle

During the brief time in which we were sold out, I decided to do a real life comparison of the effectiveness of various baits. Using tackle shop staff and four rods, we wandered right into the middle of the hottest bite and threw out our lines.

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The order of effectiveness as a substitute for real bloodworms, from best to worst, are the following results, acquired over a twenty minute period. Same rigs, all baits were given equal time, and spot were being caught on both sides of us by anglers who still had real bloodworms.

Fishbites Score card in 20 minutes …

Long lasting red Fishbites 9 Spot
Long lasting chartreuse Fishbites  7 Spot
Sand Flea Fishbites   3 Spot
Real nightcrawlers 3 Spot
Real shrimp 1 Spot
Shrimp Fishbites 1 Spot
Clam Fishbites 0 Spot
Crab Fishbites 0 Spot

Fishbites Bloodworm formula in red. pieces cut the width of the strip

Two of the pier regulars who knew what they were doing and had real bloodworms were using tiny bits of about ¼” and each caught at least twenty fish in those twenty minutes. I personally went out there last week and caught 42 spot on one bag of bloodworms. My impression of the feedback from the beaches seems to agree with the above results.

David Beebe
Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle Owner

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