Using Fishbites The Best Artificial Bait

Fishbites Bloodworm formula in red. pieces cut the width of the strip

I love Fishbites, they are probably the top artificial baits one can use anywhere. The surf, bays, offshore, it just works everywhere. There are a bunch of flavors or formulas too, we mostly use the bloodoworms formula. Which come in red or a chartreuse color. This bait is also legal as your bait for surf fishing in Delaware.

The Fishbites package has diagrams on cutting your pieces.

Recently we were asked how much Fishbites do you use. There is a few examples on the back of the packages, but I took some pictures to show what the piece of Fishbites looks like with a two aught hook on a DS Custom top and bottom rig with a Owner bait hook and a Mustad J hook on another DS Custom Tackle rig.

Crab Fishbite strips are thicker than the bloodworm, small pieces in either triangle or square pieces.

The same scissors I keep on hand for cutting braided line work well on fish bites. You can tear the bloodworm formula in pieces, but not the thicker ones like crab or sand flea formula. It is better to just cut them. Pro Tip … Don’t put the pieces in your pocket, moisture will “glue” them to the material.

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Fishbites Bloodworms formula on a Mustad toothpick float top and bottom DS Custom Tackle rig

I use the smallest piece I can put on the hook, you want the scent it puts off. You can use large pieces which will last longer in the water and can be hooked so they create some extra action, like a worm or piece of squid cut in a strip.

The gauze left behind is easily torn off or cut off and disposed of properly.

The best thing about Fishbites, the smaller pieces stay on so long you can catch several fish with one piece. When it dissolves the only thing left behind is small piece of gauze. I pull that off and put it in my trash bucket. Fishbites has hit a home run with their products.

Fish On!
Rich King

Small pieces just put in the hook.

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