The Things You See Walking To The Point Beach

This morning Anthony Fortunato was walking to the point beach area, when he spotted something strange on the dune fence.  “At first I thought someone weaved seaweed through the fence. Then I saw the head and looked in disbelief, thinking it was fake. It wasn’t!”   

the point,cape henlopen state park
Birds feeding and flocking on the bushes at the point

Snakes are a big part of our ecosystem and this guy was just trying to get a quick meal.  The birds around the point are in big flocks moving from bush to bush feeding.  I am sure this snake decided this would be a good spot to catch some warming rays and breakfast.  These snakes are harmless unless you mess with them.  I have several at my house that live under the sheds and eat our mice.    

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Many people’s first reaction to a snake is to kill it, they eat pests.  I see posts all the time and most of the people react that way.  Leave them be, unless you like mice in your house.

FIsh On!

Rich King

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