The Point Beach Is Looking Good But Be Careful Driving

   We met at the pipes at the point yesterday,  eagerly awaiting the rangers and fish and wildlife ladies to open up our favorite place.  The sky was overcast, itt was pouring off and on and we didn’t care.  The surf was rough, the fishing was tough.  Well  mostly the catching, fishing is easy.  People up north were getting hammered with flash floods in Milford and above.  


the point opens on sept first
The girls from fish and wildlife pulling the posts and signs. We helped them out.

The rangers evaluated the beach, and the ladies pulled the pipes.  We actually helped them pull a few pipes.  Mostly the ones that were in our way and that they had a tough time removing.  After hours of waiting we finally were able to drive out and check the beach and set up bayside to fish.  There is a lot of palettes and large debris on the beach.  We will take care of that on Tuesday at he beach cleanup.  Be careful driving the upper beach the wrack line is full of junk.  Go slow, a lot is buried under the sand, don’t drive through piles of reeds.  You never know what is in these piles.

    The point looks good the back bay area is still closed off for shorebirds and you can’t really drive it anyway.  Watch the drop off closer to the pipes it is a doozy.  Stay up top do not drive into that swale you will sink and it will fill in at high tide.  There were probably a hundred porpoises feeding in along line for an hour or so, then we did some fishing.  First hook up goes to Suzanne Martin, something slammed her spoon hard, but it threw the spoon.   She had a serious bend in the rod it was pulling hard.  She knew it was a fish we all did too, but we still are saying she snagged a log.

   The storms yesterday were intense and eventually we decided that getting struck by lightening would be a bad idea.  We left just in time not to get soaked and missed a killer rainbow later.  No worries, we made happy hour at Crooked Hammock so all was right with the world.   Suzanne made crab legs and didn’t invite us, okay so it was a fish, and we are sorry!!  

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     Everyone is back out today fishing and catching, despite the weather.  Fish don’t mind a little rain. 

Fish On!

Rich King 


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