Fishing At The Point And Other Areas Is Good Today

Despite this morning’s weather which is the same as we were in yesterday at the beach. Some of the crew are out on the beach today at the point fishing and celebrating John’s birthday.  Some of us are stuck working on projects.  That’s cool, I will fish Tuesday after the beach cleanup and ya’ll are back to work.  They are catching spot, kingfish, and little weakfish.  There are a lot of puppy drum in the surf at Gordons Pond.  The ocean is a tad angry but the fish are biting.  It is nicer at the beach than inland, it keeps raining off and on, at the house.


Banded rudderfish caught in the surf near the Indian River Inlet .. Martin Magaw

The lower beaches saw a bunch of banded rudderfish in the surf yesterday near the Indian River Inlet.  The flounder fishing was decent for Tracy and her crew on the inland bays Friday afternoon before the storms hit.  They are doing well today also, the kids are loading up on flatties.

All in all people are catching which is better than it has been, like the last few days.  The joy and frustration of fishing is the fact it is different everyday.  Especially in saltwater.

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Fish On!

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