Survey On Proposed Drive On Beach Access Restrictions

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Proposed areas to be restricted against surf fishing vehicles in Fenwick Island State Park. We would not even be allowed to drive across these areas to access the areas in between. The black areas even though not restricted to vehicles would be unaccessable due to not being allowed to drive across the restricted area. Essentially this becomes a private beach within Fenwick Island State Park.

This is the survey we put together to get the public’s input about this proposed beach access restriction by the beach coalition group.  We also added a few other things for you to answer to get your take on the crowded issues.  One thing I do notice is the beach access coalition seems to be asking for the most extreme in hopes of getting the compromise they want, which is no vehicles in front of their communities.  That will still greatly reduce the amount of beach for surf fishing vehicles during the most crowded part of the year, the summer season.  As we said in the other articles even though Director of State Parks, Ray Bivens told these folks no, they are still pushing.  I usually just remain the messenger in these cases, but this time I am taking more of an involved role.  For many reasons I don’t even need to get into at this time, aside from the fact my taxes and your taxes help pay for these parks, as well as that expensive surf fishing tag.

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At the top of the survey are some facts, keep these in mind when you are answering these questions.  There is a lot of confusion where the money comes from and which or whose tax dollars are used to help support parks.  Hint, the citizens of Delaware pay for these parks with their tax dollars, not property taxes as some folks are claiming.  That is explained in the survey below.  Share this with your friends, this concerns anyone and everyone who uses Delaware state park beaches, even if you don’t fish and just like to use the beach.

Fish on!
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