Update On Storm Stella


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Stella on Rehoboth Beach a half hour before high tide.

Welcome to the new Delaware Surf Fishing, and by new, I mean we are now on the amazon servers so we can handle all of this traffic and the site will no longer time out.  I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and continues to subscribe for supporting these efforts.  Without all of you this would not have been possible.  The server farms wouldn’t even touch us anymore the traffic is just too much for them.  Big thanks to the crew at Techno Goober for talking me into this move, you boys have been a godsend when it comes to keeping the site up during severe traffic spikes.


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Stella’s wind gusts are banging up Jersey. We are seeing around the mid thirties.

Storm Stella is not as bad as predicted here in Sussex county.  However, we have high winds upwards of twenty plus miles an hour sustained and gusts into the mid thirties.  The wind advisory is in effect until about two o’clock this afternoon.  There are waves upwards of ten feet around the corner of the point according to the Pilot boat captains.  Water is pushing to the dunes on all the beaches but I don’t think there will be any breach issues.  The Indian River Coast Guard just hit the water for some heavy weather training. Can’t wait to hear about that later today.  The rain this morning flooded roadside ditches and it crossed roads.  Hopefully we don’t see too much more rain.  There areas that are flooded and are ready to cross roads and flood them.  Just be safe and smart out there if you don’t need to drive around, don’t.  We certainly dodged a bullet inland, and the coast of New Jersey is taking the heavy wind.  The storm’s epicenter is literally over the inland bays right now.  Look on Ventusky to follow the winds in real-time.


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delaware, storm stella, ventusky, sussex county
Winds from Stella at 10 am

In the great white north, aka New castle County and half into Kent there is a decent amount of snow and  the freezing rain is knocking out tress and power lines.   I know a guy in Pennsylvania that has a foot of snow in his yard and it is still coming down, so we at least dodged that bullet.  Safe to say we will be fine with some possible minor flooding later this afternoon in the back bays, but so far all is clear.

Fish On!

Rich King


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Real time tides in the Delaware Bay … NOAA

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