State Parks Say No To Restricted Beach Access


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Proposed areas to be restricted against surf fishing vehicles in Fenwick Island State Park. We would not even be allowed to drive across these areas to access the areas in between. The black areas even though not restricted to vehicles would be unaccessable due to not being allowed to drive across the restricted area. Essentially this becomes a private beach within Fenwick Island State Park.

The article title speaks for itself.  I want to thank all of you for sending in emails, the phone calls, letters, and those who sent up smoke signals to let the folks at the state know your support to say no to restricted beach access.  Within forty-eight hours the governor and parks officials have received a great deal of support for the decision made today.  The parks said no to restricting drive on access in front of these housing communities.  Return email from Director of Parks, Raymond E. Bivens … “RichGood afternoon, I wanted to update you on the Beach Access Coalition proposal to create no truck zones at Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island State Parks. After consideration of the request and meeting with the Delaware Mobile Surf Fisherman and local Legislators, today we notified the Beach Access Coalition that we are denying their request. We are also making changes to how these pedestrian crossings are being managed. New in 2017 we will be adding signage to all pedestrian community crossovers informing visitors/renters that they are entering a state park beach and that each visitor should give respect to other park users. We are also requesting that all communities that rent property adjoining a state park reflect in their advertising that access to the beach is to a state park beach with multiple users.  Thank you for your support of Delaware State Parks”

I couldn’t be more proud of  you all and this network, than I am right now.  Thank you all!  I’m feeling a little misty right now.  I think I will go fishing.  I saw a  juvenile harp seal on the beach today, he was enjoying the sun and sand.  Just like we all wish we were doing.  I had to visit the point before it was closed tomorrow for the season.

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Fish On!

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