Striped Bass Catching Is Picking Up

We saw a lot of short striped bass in the surf at the Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament, but not many keeper bass.  Only one was landed on the beach at 3Rs.  Not for lack of trying either, there was a buffet of food out there for any fish to dine on.  Clams has been the ticket for bait this spring.  Bloodworms work well too,but clam has been landing the larger bass.


cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county,
Short bass in the surf at Cape Henlopen hitting clam one after another on Monday.

Short bass were hitting every cast on Monday at Cape Henlopen using clam.  Lures weren’t picking up a thing, the fish are hungry and will hit bait much more than lures.  They don’t have to put in much work to hit big chunk of clam.  They have to chase a lure,but if you can slow down your retrieve you can get them to hit.  That can be a tough thing in the surf with heavy waves and strong currents.

There have been numerous bass caught up north on the Delaware River on the Port Penn side for Delaware and the Pennsville side for Jersey.  Stay below reedy point if you are trying to catch a keeper for the table.  Spawn rules are still in effect.  A lot of these bass are still full of eggs, it would be a good idea to let them go, but it is up to the angler what they want to do with their fish, not the internet.  Bunker chunks have been the best bait, and some have hit bloodworms.

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Someone recently tried to tell some friends that clam works great for bait because skates and sharks won’t eat it, that couldn’t be more wrong.  Everything will hit clam.  Drum is usually the target when using clam this time of year, but striped bass love it just as much.

Fish On!

Rich King


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