Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament Results

Saturday was a great day despite the little bit of weather we had.  We had 290 anglers in the first annual Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament.   I want to thank our sponsors, without them this would not have been possible.  Sweetwater Brewery, Big Chill Beach Club, Liquid Board Shop, WBOC, Diamond State Custom Tackle, Helly Hansen, Fenwick Tackle, Crooked Hammock, Nage, Icehouse Bait and Tackle, Lighthouse Bait and Tackle, Big Chill Surf Cantina, Taco Reho, Coastal Contracting, El Dorado, and Madda Fella.

HUGE thanks to our judges … Suzanne Martin, Corby Fulton, Chris Gibbons, Mike Eckert, Andrew Hansen, David Okonewski, Mark King, and Frank Bolen Sr.  You all did a great job, especially counting skates of which there were hundreds caught.  The skating rink is a fun calcutta, but a job and a half verifying they are caught and released.  Thank you all!

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There were not a lot of fish caught but just about everyone caught something, especially skates.  That is the reason we have the skating rink calcutta.  You are going to see a lot of them during a tournament, may as well make it fun for the anglers with a shot at some money for “trash” fish.  Next year we are thinking about a chef and a grill for skate tacos at the end of the day.

They are good to eat.

The first thirty minutes a guy was walking off the beach at southside with a thirty plus inch bluefish.  Everyone looked at me, and I signaled he wasn’t in the tournament, a cheer went up.  He was excited thinking everyone liked his fish, no sir … they are happy you are not in the tournament.

chillaware island
Striper caught on 3Rs during tourney but wasn’t in tournament

The other fish that got everyone excited was a striped bass.  About two in the afternoon, an angler walked onto the beach, cast his line and caught a thirty plus inch striped bass.  I get a picture from Mike and then a caption, “not in tournament”  That catch got people hopeful to see some more bass caught at the end of the tournament.  This is why you never quit early, even if you are in the lead.

Most of the fish scored were northern puffer fish.   We had one drum score, some kingfish, and a few bluefish.  There were a lot of shad in the surf. We will add them to next year’s list.  Irish started targeting puffers the last couple of hours of the tournament and he did very well.  That is a the thing about tournaments, you have to go in with a strategy and possibly change it up as you go.  A change-up can mean the difference between winning and not placing.  No one loses in a fishing tournament, you have fun and it is a great day at the beach.  That is the beauty of fishing tournaments.  We try to make them as fun as possible by doing different things for the anglers.

The skating rink and dogpound calcuttas are one way to let everyone have a shot at winning some extra money.  The guys who caught the most skates were having a contest on their own to out skate one another.  I should have made a side bet on these two it was hilarious to watch.

Save May 4th, 2019 for next year’s Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament … May The Fish Be With You.

The next tournament is War On The Shore and we will get that rolling in June.  October 13 and 14th …  Payout will be up to $10,000 based on the number of anglers that participate.  We will have all the details up in the next couple of weeks.

The results of the 2018 Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament  are as follows …

Biggest Fish … Jacob DeCasale … 26 inch black drum .. Helly Hansen Skagen jacket and pants, bag and care kit

Calcutta Winners …

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Bluefish … Stephan Talabisco … 20 inch bluefish …   $1230

Skating Rink …     Andy Lano    …  52 skates!   $620

Dog Pound … AJ Jefferson .. 3 dogfish … $520


Eamon :Irish” Carey  took first place with 47 points in northern pufferfish.

Stefan Talabisco took second place with 38 points.

Stacey Adkins took Third place with 31 points.

Rick Boyer took fourth place with 30 points

Amy Godesky took fifth place with 27 points

Jacob DelCasale took sixth place with 26 points

Chad Miller took seventh place with 20 points

Bob Robinson and Nu Bucher tied for eight place with 19 points.

Joe Browning took ninth place with 18 points

Ben Anthony took tenth place with 16 points




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