Banging The Drum

Black drum fishing has really picked up this past week.  Anglers from Fenwick Island to Slaughter beach are seeing decent catches.  The surf has really picked up for the smaller sized drum.  Assateague for the most part has quieted down a bit, but some are still being caught.  Clam is the key for big drum, but sand fleas are also working and can be dug up in the surf.  Which explains why they are close to the beach.  I watched a buddy of mine catch a few of them yesterday in a matter of an hour.


cape henlopen state park, black drum, delaware, sussex county
Black Drum caught in the surf on Monday at Cape Henlopen

The coral beds in the Delaware bay are producing as well.  You just need a lot of clams and you can do pretty well.  The smaller ones in the surf up to the thirty inch range are my favorite for the table.   The much bigger behemoths I prefer to let go so they can make more drum.  Many tend to be full of worms and I think the meat is less appealing.

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I prefer them when they still have stripes or just as they lose them, after that I like to let them go they can spawn.  Check out area charters for a drum trip at night it is a lot of fun. If you are on the surf in the late evening into the night sometimes you can hear them as well.  Not as well as you can hear them in a boat but if the surf is calm you might catch one “drumming”.

Fish On!

Rich King

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