State Parks Go Retro With New Surf Tags


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The new old school surf tags … photo from Kathy Keating

The old surf tags are back with the traditional Delaware State colors.  Back in the day these were the generic tags that were offered and they were numbered.  Now we have the white generic tag with the blue embossed image, and they are not numbered.  Recently  Kathy Keating received her new old tag and the reaction has been great. “We got our surf tag a few weeks ago and we were pleasantly surprised when handed this type of throw back plate. We still have a 1988 plate and the difference is this one shows the rod “actively engaged” in fishing while the 88 shows the rod still mounted on the truck.”  People are happy to see the old new tag and the fact the fishing rod on the tag has a line in the water is a nice touch.  After all you have to be actively fishing to drive onto a Delaware State Park beach.  If you have the white tag now you can get the new old tag next year when you get your new tag for the year, which will be the old school tag, confused yet?

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1988 surf tag … photo from Kathy Keating
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I doubt the soon to be old white generic tags will become collectors items, but we will have to see twenty years from now what happens.  You can also still get the black numbered tags during online auctions from the parks.

Fish On!

Rich King

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