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Stacey Chandler, SUP yoga, delaware, lewes, sussex county
Stacey Chandler

About the Author … In addition to being an advocate for clean water, healthy ecosystems, and a defender of marine life, Stacey Chandler is a certified Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher, SUP Yoga & Stand Up Paddleboard instructor.   She teaches and certifies SUP Yoga teachers. She is the only certifying SUP Yoga teacher in DE.  Stacey lives in Lewes Beach, Delaware with her chocolate lab Hunter and two sons.

When I heard about SUP Yoga several years ago I instantly fell in love with the idea that two of my favorite sports were combined into one.  Yoga?  On water?  No way!  I never thought in the months to come I would be traveling to East Hamptons NY to train under the industries SUP Yoga pioneer, Jessica Bellofatto.  But I did.  I packed my bags, had an anxiety attack on the train, and showed up for SUP Yoga teacher training.

SUP yoga, delaware, sussex county, lewes
Teaching my niece Kasey SUP yoga

This pioneering beauty made it look easy. As a recovering perfectionist, I grew easily frustrated because I couldn’t bounce up into arm balances and headstands on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Frustrated and grumpy, I was ready to give up and go home.  I struggled but persevered and finished the weekend training.  When I got home, certificate in hand, there was a feeling of accomplishment. I did it.  I couldn’t wait to share my experience with my brother, who is a skilled surfer, and asked him to get me back out on the water as soon as possible.

stacey chandler, lewes, delaware, sussex county
Stacey and Hunter in Lewes

I needed to do this again.

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This time, I wasn’t so hard on myself.  I relaxed.  I gave up the need to be perfect and was able to settle in and enjoy taking my yoga practice out on the water. I made peace with the fluidity of the water beneath me.  I began to match my breath with the natural rhythm of the tides and floated gracefully into my poses.  I was hooked!


SUP yoga, side plank,lewes, delaware, sussex county, yoga instructor
Stacey Chandler in the side plank position on a SUP.

Since then I’ve continued to practice, met some challenges, had a few melt downs, did more training and fell even more in love with the sport. Now I enjoy teaching others and taking groups out on the water to experience this liquid bliss.

If you are interested in trying SUP Yoga, don’t be intimidated by the photos on Instagram and Pinterest, find a certified or experienced teacher, have an open mind and get out there!

Stay safe. Stay tuned.  See you on the water!

Stacey Chandler

SUP Yoga Delaware


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