Post Storm Fishing


the point, cape henlopen state park, reading the surf, delaware surf fishing, dsf
Reading the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park … the point

Well the nor’easter was fun, saw a lot of storm tourists too.  One guy was swept off the ocean city jetty when he got too close and the waves washed across.  Swimmers on Sunday were getting pummeled by heavy waves.  It is the ocean people it can get rough and when it does it is best to stay out of it completely.  The beaches are carved up and the wash area is about fifteen yards wide now.  You can see all of the cuts that the storm left behind.  This is a great time to go look at the beach at low tide and see how cuts work and where they are located.  Their positions don’t change too much the storm just pushes them in closer due to a higher water level.   So if you want to see how a beach looks under the water in front of you now is the time.  That profile will fill in and the cuts will still be there just under the wash and waves.


alligator gar, millsboro pond, delaware, sussex county
Long Nose gar caught by Mark Steelman in a local pond

The storm wasn’t that bad and some anglers tried fishing the surf the day after a few were rewarded with some kingfish and sand perch but for the most part everyone skunked.  Holding bottom was a chore.   Many anglers i know went pond hopping instead for bass, perch and pickerel.  One angler was rewarded with a beast of a catch, an alligator gar on light gear in a local pond.   Mark Steelman was fishing for perch with minnows when he locked into a big long nose gar.  He said the one that got away before this one was even bigger.  Not the fish they were expecting to catch, and he had a blast reeling it in.


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triggerfish,delaware, sussexcounty, structure, outer wall, inner wall, harbor of safe refuge, haystacks, ice breakers
Triggerfish caught on Delaware Bay structure by Michael Jordan

Trigger are still hitting around structure in the Delaware Bay.  The Cape Henlopen pier still has some hanging around but the catches have dropped off.   The spot and croaker action has picked up at the pier finally and Dave Beebe said the first mullet of the year have been seen around the pier.  Close to the shore in schools.   The bait is here.  That is good there have been some small summer snapper blues caught in the surf but that has been random action at best.  Hoping to see that pick up soon as well.  The largest I have seen is about sixteen inches.

blue claw crab, delaware, sussex county
Wayne Rickrode with a big daddy blue claw and killer selfie

Time for me to go wet a line and see how the sand feels between me toes, or break out the kayak and go after one of those gators.  Then again we could hit the boards at the pier, or plop down by the canal and jig for flounder.  Maybe just go for a boat ride and see what we can scare up out front.  I wouldn’t mind just hand lining for crabs.  That action is off the chain right now, the crabbing has been excellent for sure.  I could use a day of lazy hand lining or running rigs in the back bay somewhere.  Great way to relax and spend a day on the water.

Fish On!

Rich King

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