When Mother Nature Photobombs You At The Beach

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The original picture. I was lining up the lighthouse

A friend of mine asked how did I manage to time that shot?  I had no idea what I captured until I looked closer.  We went out to the point yesterday as soon as it was opened to check it out, surf fish, and of course take some pictures of the beach.  It is looking good, we will get to that in a bit.  I parked on the point, planted the DSF flag to get a picture with the lighthouse in the background.  What happened next is a nature photographer’s dream shot.


Porpoise breaching for the photo bomb

A porpoise breached just as I took the picture, but I had no idea until Kevin Baldwin pointed it out on Facebook.  When I blew up the picture on my phone you could see the porpoise breaching in the background.  Nature’s epic photobomb.  “I have been a nature photographer a long time that doesn’t just happen, we wait years to get a shot like that” .. Andrew.  My response was maybe he did it on porpoise??

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You never know what you will capture in the back ground of your pictures.  Taking pictures of a breaching porpoise on purpose is tough.   I have been trying for a long time.

FIsh On!

Rich King

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