Inland Bays Got The Blues

black drum, delaware, sussex county, beach plum island state park, delaware bay
Corby Fulton took off the skunk with this big black drum at Beach Plum Island State Park

We had a great weekend for weather the Delmarva Outdoors Expo was a blast.  Thank you to all who attended, vended, and supported the event.  Next year is going to be even better and bigger, we are already planning.  Fishing was great over the weekend, I had to watch all my friends fish and torture me with pictures they kept sending to me.  Thanks for that.  I finally took a day off turned off the phone for a few hours on Monday and went fishing.  It was relaxing aside from all of this wind!  I hate wind.  So what is going on out there, well you have to get out and fish to really know and I have been playing catch up the last couple of days.

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bluefish, bethany beach, delaware, sussex county, yellow eyed devil, gator blue fish, spring blues, migratory atlantic fish
Olivia Hurst Caught this 9lb and 10.3 lb bluefish in south bethany on 5/1. proud dad moment … Dan Hurst

The bluefish are still here and will be for a while it would seem.  The last few years we have seen them here as late as the first week of June.  They are still being caught off the beaches of North Carolina.  So long as the water temperatures hold for a while, they have no reason to make the move farther north.  Mullet and bunker have been good baits.  Silver spoons, silver stingers, and top water plugs are also working.   Right now the fish are starting to get more aggressive and fight over food.  Anglers are losing rigs form bluefish fighting over the bait.  Shiny swivels are being bitten as well since they attract attention.  That is a quick way to lose a rig and fish.  Use dark swivels, and dark wire leaders.  As the month progresses the fish will get more aggressive and fight even more over food.

surf fishing, delaware, sussex county, bluefish, yellow eyed devil,  gator bluefish, mullet, bunker, spoons, top water plugs
Si Auman caught a 34″ blue. First time he’s surf fished and he hasn’t fished in 25 years. Congrats sir!

If these fish school up heavily, it will get even worse as far as food competition.  When that happens you need to fish the edge of the school.  Trying to drag a big blue out of the center of a school is a sure way to lose your gear.  If you are surf fishing place your bait close to shore just behind the breaking wave to catch the inside edge of the school running the beach.  The fish have recently been that close to shore eating all of the bait fish and sand fleas they find in the first drop off.  That is where most of the fish are in the surf and the blues are in there feeding on them.

     Bluefish have moved into the inland bays as well, and Masseys Landing has been a great place fish for them on the outgoing tide in the late afternoon. They are on the bottom of the ditch feeding on everything that moves through there.  Now that they are in the bays it will be more difficult to flounder fish.  Bluefish will destroy a flounder rig.  Not to mention they will attack a flounder being pulled in as well and eat your catch.

Ryan Henry trying to land a blue that threw the hook at Masseys Landing.

white perch, augustine beach, delaware bay, salem one nuclear power plant, kent county, bloodworms
Robin Rapposelli with a white perch she caught at Augustine Beach

Augustine beach and Woodland pier have seen some decent perch action and short striped bass.  Bloodworms have been the best baits and fishbites is working well now that the water temperatures are warmer. There are large migratory striped bass up there as well, hitting bunker chunks.

    The surf is heavy with bluefish, but there are kingfish, northern puffers, and of course plenty of skates.  Everyone is concentrating on bluefish and using the top and bottom rigs attract blues which they bite off quick.  Very small croakers have been caught at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier.  There is decent flounder action in the Lewes canal, but again you have to keep the bluefish in mind.

   Blue crabbing is excellent around the inland bays.  Pots, hand lines, and trot lines are producing well.  The creeks have a lot of sooks, but there are some nice sized jimmys being caught.  It should just keep getting better until the bays are loaded with crab pots for the summer.  That hasn’t happened yet.  Crabbing is great but don’t expect prices to drop much compared to last year.

indian river inlet, bluefish, delaware, sussex county
Calvin Shulties … slamming blues on mullet rigs yesterday down to the inlet, had some great fights

Large black drum are still running the Delaware Bay beaches and Cape Henlopen state park ocean beaches. The action is better along the bay beaches than the ocean beaches. You can use clam, shrimp or sand fleas for bait. The sand fleas have emerged and are all over the beaches just dig for them in the surf.

Apparently the Indian river inlet has been hot for bluefish but we have been elsewhere slamming them.  Broadkill river has decent action at Oyster rocks and places between.  Basically they are all over the place.

Fish On!

Rich King

yellow eyed devil, gator bluefish, delaware, sussex county, long neck, masseys landing, inland bays, rehoboth bay, indian river bay
Ryan Henry hit a few of these beasts Tuesday at Masseys Landing on the outgoing tide from the pier.

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