Restricted Beach Access Survey Results

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Proposed areas to be restricted against surf fishing vehicles in Fenwick Island State Park. We would not even be allowed to drive across these areas to access the areas in between. The black areas even though not restricted to vehicles would be unaccessable due to not being allowed to drive across the restricted area. Essentially this becomes a private beach within Fenwick Island State Park.

Well it looks like the “beach coalition” is not going to take no for an answer and have turned up the heat.  They are using a lawyer and a lobbyist to try and pressure the state of Delaware (Governor John Carney and DNREC secretary Shawn Garvin) into not allowing trucks to park in front of their houses and communities, which are located in front of our public state park, Fenwick Island.  Now they are back peddaling and saying they are okay with vehicles driving through this area, just not park there.  Which is funny since two of their main arguments were their children’s safety from vehicles and the smell of exhaust which they called smog.  I say funny, because it seems the safety from moving vehicles is no longer a concern.  by the way they never mentioned a concern for the people who cross route 1 to use thier beach access form the bay communities.  You know, that highway that people do sixty plus miles per hour on.

This is how you get what you want, you ask for the outrageous or extreme and then go for a compromise, to get what you originally wanted.  I say take the beach access away completely from these communities and let them all drive to the parks and pay, like the rest of us tax paying citizens who also happen to vote in our state.   They are privileged to be able to have an access over the dunes.  Giving them basically a private beach in a public state park would be beyond a privilege, it would be a crime.

We took a survey about this issue and a few others and these are the results.  Roughly over six hundred and sixty people took the survey.  It boils down to the one fact, no one wants the beaches to be restricted for access to vehicles anywhere on a drive on beach.  I am sure the ones that voted in favor of restricting that access were from these communities.   This s a handful of people trying to take away an area from a massive amount of people. I seriously doubt any beach user or angler wants to restrict their access.   Many agree enforcement needs to step up their game and enforce the rules more.  If they had the manpower they could and would do that, unfortunately they do not.  I will keep you posted on any more developments with this beach coalition and their desire to make a public state park beach essentially private.

Fish On!

Rich King

restricted beach access, delaware, sussex county, fenwick island state park

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