Gulp Celebrates Han Solo Season With A New Scent

Recently Gulp decided to celebrate fall and get on the spice train.  You you can now wear your Uggs and yoga pants while tossing pumpkin spice for fish.  Some of you should probably do that after dark.  Han Solo apparel is also an option for you jetty jockeys.  I am sure we have plenty of female striped bass that will be down for some pumpkin spice Gulp.  Watching Dune and chanting Muad’Dib before you head out will help you catch … spice is life!

By the way this is one hundred percent satire, except the fact I saw pumpkin spiced bologna today.  I’m done.  Gone fishing for cocktail blues.  Have a great week.  Get ready for some seriously bad weather.  May want to load up on pumpkin spice everything.

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