Hurricane Florence’s Model Tracks Put Her On Delmarva

Not to buy into the hype, but several models are putting hurricane Florence on top of Delmarva.  We are getting asked a lot of questions.  I would not panic just yet.  She could fizzle out and be a bad storm, but as a nor’easter like storm that is usually bad news for us.   She could hit us full on hard, or she could veer out to sea.  We will keep an eye on her and let you know.  Watch the National Hurricane Center for details and information, not the Facebook hype. 

     Being prepared this time of year is a good idea with any storm, you just never know.  We do have new moon high tides this weekend into next week.  I have well water, if we lose poser it gets a little annoying.  Years ago a nor’easter hit and sat on top of us for five days, no one saw that coming.  So you just never know and it is a good idea to be prepared.  I always make sure I am prepared for the worst.  If nothing happens I have a lot of extra food and beer. 

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