Florence Is Our First Major Hurricane Of The Season

   It is that time of year again, hurricane season, and of course the dreaded nor’easters that are usually worse than a hurricane.  Florence is out in the Atlantic Ocean headed this way but it is too early to predict what path she will follow.  That also depends on who you ask and which models you follow. 

     So far she is weakening but still a strong hurricane.  National Hurricane Center...   5:00 AM AST Thu Sep 6 … Location: 24.1°N 47.9°W …  Moving: NW at 12 mph … Min pressure: 964 mb … Max sustained: 115 mph ..  Those are the conditions as of this morning.  Will she hit Delmarva or any of our area we can’t tell right now.  Storm surge and the like will hit our coast and that intensity is also too hard to predict right now.  Best to watch,wait, and be prepared.  You can follow the NHC page on her here

    I know the beach combing will be great after as always.  This will mess up the fishing a bit but possibly push more of the weirder gulf fish up our way.  We will wait and see and keep you updated. 

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Fish On!

Rich King  

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