Governor John Carney Issues Level 1 Driving Warning for Kent and New Castle Counties

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Chiefs road and River road in Oak Orchard

The north is getting a decent amount of snow fast.   Sussex county is just now seeing snowfall and has been dealing with minor tidal flooding all day.  No dunes have breached, despite the heavy and high seas pummeling the beaches, and route 1 is clear along the coast.  The back bays flooded a wee bit, but not as bad as expected.  The next high tide is at midnight, which is good, we will all be asleep for next minor tidal flooding.

Stay safe and smart there is a lot of ponding water on roads, some of which could freeze later tonight.

Governor John Carney … “I’ve issued a Level 1 Driving Warning for Kent County and New Castle County beginning at 2:45pm. The Level 1 Driving Warning will remain in effect until further notice.”

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You can follow the snowplows on the DelDOT app and check for flooded road conditions.
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A Level 1 Driving Warning means:
— Any person operating a motor vehicle shall exercise extra caution in the operation of their motor vehicle.
— Motorists are encouraged not to operate a motor vehicle on the State’s roadways unless there is a significant safety, health, or business reason to do so.

DART buses will be shutting down at 6 PM.

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