The Real Reason The Seas Are Angry My Friends


 Poseidon spotted in the angry surf this morning.

Whoever pissed off this guy and stole his ball, please give it back.   Poseidon is really upset and is just sitting in the surf contemplating his next move.  He has already slapped three guys in the line up trying to catch a wave and tried to stab one body boarder who got in his way.

We are heading down to the beach soon to discuss terms of our surrender, so he will back down.  We are hoping a few localcraft beers and some hot wings will appease the great god of the sea, earthquakes,floods, drought and horses .  if not … well, we can always put him on Jim.

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Jim Cantore got stuck between airports and wound up in Delaware yesterday for a brief period, so we can now blame him too for our spring Nor’easter.  Thanks Jim!

Fish On!

RIch King



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