Bethany Beach Loses A Walkway


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In the background you can see the stairs that fell off the dune crossing in Bethany Beach.  The stairs are in the surf wash.

About the only thing I have seen or heard of damage wise is Bethany beach losing a walkway on one of their dune crossovers.  There is a tree or two down here and there and a couple of blown transformers.  The stairs in Bethany were essentially temporary anyway until the beach replenishment could happen.  When sandy hit the stairs were added since the walkways went over the dunes and visitors walked down the dune face.

The beach in Bethany got rocked pretty good and lost a lot of sand and the dune faces took a hit.  There weren’t any breaches that I saw today and I checked all the normal spots.  The next high tide shouldn’t be an issue but if the ocean comes in like it did on the noon high tide it could be an issue in a few spots tomorrow.  The southside beach looked like an angry washing machine at high tide and the Indian River Inlet sounded like a freight train.  That was wild to watch.

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Madeleine Overturf and her cameraman braving the elements and crashing waves at the Inlet today.  She is waving hello, I wasn’t getting out of the car.

I saw Madelene Overturf braving the elements to do a live report for WBOC, then I sent her to the Helly Hansen Outlet to talk to Mike Duncan to get real rain gear.  She and her cameraman were having a hell of a time with all that wind and rain on their gear.  Poor girl was soaked by the time they got done.  She is a trooper and loves this stuff.

I bounced around from beach to beach and park to park just to check the conditions.  I was staying in one area to see if the dunes breached.  I know they breached in Cape Henlopen where there already is a breach at Gordons pond, that is a given.   I walked out onto conquest beach and southside beach at the inlet.  After that adventure I had enough of the torrential down pour and wind.  Fenwick Island State park had a dune in the wooden walkway access, that is almost four feet high.  I never made it to Cape Henlopen.


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conquest is melting

The beaches will comeback but they got hammered pretty good.  There are drop offs, carved areas, swales, and lots of tide pools in the surf line.  The surf will be wide for a while until the waves can push the sand back and then the beaches will be more sloped and less of the drop off they are now.  The last storm pushed all the sand onto the beach, storm Toby took it back.

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The Inland bays took a decent amount of water but never really flooded heavily, just the usual minor tidal flooding.  Tonight’s high tide might be an issue.  All the usual low spots flooded over, and water never topped the bulkheads at Mariners cove which is one of the first communities to flood in Long Neck.  I didn’t swing through any of the other communities I didn’t see the need,I knew it wasn’t that bad, and there was hot soup at the house.  The ponding water on the roads is the biggest issue right now for driving.  Some of the puddles are across the roads and now it is snowing like gangbusters.

All state park drive on beaches are closed, big surprise. Will not reopen until they are evaluated. Hopefully by the weekend.

The coast guard went out this morning because they live to train in this weather.  That or just a few of my buddies at the Indian River Coast Guard station are crazy.  I’m kidding, actually they have to train in these conditions, because they go out in these conditions.  They will also go out to qualify in certain conditions.  My buddy Collin was driving the 47 today and said there were a couple of sixteen footers out there.  Doesn’t surprise me after watching some of the beast waves in those sets of three rolling across the inlet and hammer the beaches.

The north wall at the Indian River Inlet was forming up big waves today too.  The water was over the rocks so much it was acting like a sandbar.  Speaking of bars, the new beach at the Ocean City inlet was creating some big tube waves today as well.

All in all the nor’easter storm Toby wasn’t as bad as expected for this area.  We may still deal with some flooding around the inland bays, but it isn’t as bad as the “west’easter” we had at the beginning of March.

Fish On!

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