Got Shrimp?


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Grass Shrimp scooped up at low tide in a tidal creek.

If you are looking for a great bait, then grass shrimp is on menu. The tidal creeks, especially at low tide are loaded with shrimp and the fish are going nuts for them.  This warm up has really gotten mother nature stirred up, even the peeper frogs are out again, in February.  White perch and all the usual freshwater suspects are hitting harder with the warmer water.  We are seeing temperatures upwards of fifty-five degrees in the tidal waters down here at low tide.  Masseys Ditch topped out at fifty-one degrees at low tide yesterday and is increasing a degree a day since last week.  With today’s temperature nearing seventy degrees, added to the warm rain we will have over the weekend I would expect the water temperatures to come up even faster and hold.  As long as we don’t have a heavy cold snap like last year, we should see some great fishing into the spring.  Get your gear ready it’s time to fish.  The surf is still in the mid forties, as well as the Delaware bay.  The best fishing is in the tidal creeks and inland bays.

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Also keep in mind when netting for grass shrimp stay away from spillways that is illegal.  You can use a minnow trap near a spillway and that will collect what you need for a day of fishing in no time.

Fish On!

Rich King

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