Delaware State Parks Upgrades More Air Stations


beach plum islandstate park, delaware, sussex county, broadkill beach
Beach Plum Island State Park’s new air station house.

Last week Savages Ditch air station across from the Faithful Steward crossing was closed to replace the air hoses.  That has been completed and the air station is open again, it only took a couple of days.  By the way the area on the bayside is called Savages Ditch, the dune cross over or drive on access road is Faithful Steward, named for the shipwreck in 1785, which is the source of all of the coins that wash up on the beach now known as coin beach.  These coins are from four hundred barrels of half pennies and gold rose guineas that were cargo on the ship.  Of the two hundred and forty-nine passengers aboard the Faithful Steward, only sixty-eight survived.  To this day on occasion coins are found on the beach,mostly by metal detector enthusiasts.  After Superstorm Sandy it is believed that many of these coins are now in the dunes, due to the breach that occurred and covered route 1 in over four feet of sand.


drive on beach, delaware bay,air station, beach plum island state park,
This area is for airing up, not parking.

Beach Plum Island State park has a new air station house and compressor.  This new air station now has two air hoses and is operational right now, I used it today.  There is a timer mechanism in a metal box on the side that allows you to turn on the compressor for the time needed to air up your tires.  This keeps the wear and tear down on the compressor since it is not used as often as the other drive on beaches to the south.  I don’t think the lights were added back to this station, so keep that in mind when you are there after dark.  That parking lot can be very dark on new moon nights and a bit creepy.  Hopefully people will realize you can park on each side to air up, but not for permanent parking to visit the walk on section of the beach.   That drive by section was added last year and people were parking there and blocking the pumps constantly.  Beach Plum Island State Park is located at the north end of the road at Broadkill beach.  Mind the speed limit, there are hidden driveways and it is a very quiet community.


rehoboth beach, gordons pond, cape henlopen state park, delaware,sussex county,  air station, compressor, air down
New air station coming to Gordons Pond drive on access in Cape Henlopen State park.
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Gordons Pond is getting an upgraded air station as well, this is the drive on access road from the Rehoboth side of Cape Henlopen State park, which enters the beach just south of the fire watch towers or ghost towers..  A new pad has been poured behind the old air station.  Presently there is caution tape around the old station, but it is working and you can use it, the tape is for your safety.  Parks is adding a pull over section to the drive on access road at Gordons Pond for the new air station to allow vehicles to pass from either direction.  We used to have to park on the side of the access road which would block one lane and could be a hazard for people airing up with vehicles trying to drive on and off.  There is a possibility parks will add two hoses to this station, but that will be determined after the station is completed.  Just being able to pull over out-of-the-way and use a real air compressor will be a huge improvement.  This station will be completed well before the season starts.

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delaware, sussex county, gordons pond, cape henlopen state park, rehoboth beach
The old station at Gordons pond works but is surrounded by caution tape, mind the hole on the one side.
air station, gordons pond, cape henlopenstate park, delaware, sussex county
New pad where the air station house will be located at Gordons pond
air station, compressor, drive onbeach, delaware, sussex county, beach plum island state park, broadkill beach,
The timer you set to run the compressor at Beach Plum Island State Park.


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