Gordons Pond Air Station And 3Rs Get An Upgrade


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The new air compressor station at Gordons pond.

3R’s got an upgrade and it is very nice, wait til you see it. The Gordons pond air station is almost done.  We told you a couple of months ago that it was being upgraded. Today we saw that parks have completed the air compressor building so it will not be long before it is in full operation.  It is scheduled to be done before Memorial day weekend.   There will be a larger pull off area there as well which be safer.

Today we noticed 3Rs got a bit of an upgrade that has been a longtime coming.  The “pond” at the drive on entrance is gone.  If you have ever driven onto this beach during or after rain there was a foot plus deep puddle at the beginning of the access road.  That has not only been filled in but parks has widened the drive on entrance so that crazy sharp curve is gone.  The air station area has been filled in as well, but that will probably still hold a little water during rain.  There isn’t a good way to drain that parking lot without it eroding away.


sussex county, delaware seashore state park, 3rs, drive on access, surf fishing
The entrance to the drive on access at 3Rs,notice that sharp curve is gone.

There is new dune fence along the parking lot at 3Rs and the drive on access and walk on paths.  Watch the drop off at 3Rs when you drive on especially if you go to the left.  There is a steep drop off just to the right of the left hand side, be careful.

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Just a heads up for the weekend there is still a pretty big dune on the side of the drive on access at Keybox  drive on access.  Just keep that in mind when you are trying to drive on or off.  I expect we will see more than four trucks on the beach this weekend with the weather we are expecting.  The water is gorgeous, now we just need fish.

beachgrass, 3Rs, dune, drive onaccess, delaware seashore state park
3Rs beach access road has been upgraded with a new dune, fence, and grass.

Don’t believe the hype.  Bluefish and flounder are not here yet.  Now bluefish I could see being here, but not in the full force you are thinking.  There have been some reports of random catches in Ocean City (one fish) and New Jersey.  We have rumors of them here in Delaware.  The water is still forty-four to forty-six degrees in the surf.  It  needs to warm up just a bit more for fish to start moving in and feeding.  No one has seen the action we saw the last three years south of us in Virginia.  There have been some short bass caught from the surf here and there on bloodworms.  Put in the time, and this weekend I expect to see more fish for two reasons.  More people surf fishing, so more will be caught.

Fish On!

Rich King

delaware seashorestate park, 3rs, drive on beach, surf fishing
The turn onto the beach has been widened at 3Rs.

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