Wider Beaches And Clean Water


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Delaware Seashore state park looking north from the bridge

Today at the beach was beautiful.  The wind coming off the water was chilly,but it was still gorgeous out there.  The smell of the salt air thick in your lungs is  a welcome feeling.  We explored the beaches today looking for fish signs and wanted to check out the beach conditions.  When you come over the Charles W Cullen bridge headed north you can see just how wide Keybox beach to Faithful steward has gotten.  It is amazing how much sand has been moved around by the last few nor’easters.

Conquest is really wide.  I would like to see that mini “cove” come back that Superstorm Sandy wiped out that was an amazing spot to fish at Faithful Steward, maybe one day it will.  It was like a swirling bathtub full of fish.


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3Rs looking towards the bridge wide but not as wide as the north beaches

3Rs is not as wide as the northern beaches, but still drivable and just like it was before the storms.  Cape Henlopen looks great and is still just as wide at the towers.  There are still some steep sections at Herring point.  There are two new small points on the beach at Gordons, you can only really see from Herring Point’s bunker area.  They can be seen at a dead low tide, you want to fish the south side of those areas.  Naval crossing has a lot of sand packed in by the jetty and the scour hole area where the surfers go is much deeper.  That is a great place to fish.


delaware seashore state park,conquest beach, faithful steward, savages ditch, sussex county
Conquest beach today, it is very wide now.

All in all the beaches look great and this weekend you will be treated to what we saw today.  Green-blue water, it looked so nice, just very cold!  Ospreys were diving on bunker all over the place.  Seals were pushing the bunker around along the surf line of the beaches.  The sea gulls are feeding on what could be sand fleas.  We found a lot of live ones a couple of weeks ago during the beach clean up.  We have food in the surf, we just need fish to answer the dinner bell.  The water is cleaner on the southern beaches than the northern beaches of Beach Plum Island State Park and Cape Henlopen state park.  That is due to the clarity of the Delaware Bay water and it was low tide.

The video does not do justice to the clarity of the water today.


One reason park beaches stay wider than town beaches without beach replenishment.  Sand is blown onto the beach by a west wind from the dunes.  You can’t have that happen when you build a board walk on top of a dune system.

cape henlopen state park, greatdune, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing
Great dune got a shave at the bottom

When will that happen?  It could be as early as tomorrow, or as late as never.  You won’t know unless you go out and wet a line.

Fish On!

Rich King





3rs, surf fishing, clear water,
Water at 3Rs today was clear

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