Friday Fishing Report … Bass, Birds, But Where Are The Blues?

Bunker are in thick at the beach and the inland bays.  So thick they brought a whale into the pier in Ocean City, Maryland.  Otherwise it is a little quiet out there.  There are a lot of rats, or short striped bass in the surf being caught on bloodworms and bucktails.  Mostly on the incoming tide is the best action which is about now (2PM) into the evening.  Lots of short bass, fun action for sure.  Out going tide int he mornings have been good for shorts on south side.  The inland bay action is great in the creeks along the mud banks.  It can only get better.


Horseshoe crab in the sand they are everywhere be careful driving you will run one over especially at low tide on the sand before the swales in the surf tide zone.

The Cape Henlopen pier has been quiet the last couple of days.  We fished the flats yesterday and got chased off by that gale force wind and rain.  The few of us out there didn’t see much.  That could change on the incoming tide today as well.  The good news the west wind is cold and not full of flies.  The saltwater fly anglers gave her a good run the other evening and came up donuts.

Any. Day. Now!! … Everyone keeps saying that.  This time last year we were blasting big bluefish in the surf.  Not this year.  Rumor reports are rampant.  We know, we even chased a few the last couple of days.  Back at it this afternoon.  Keep in mind these are migrating fish on bunker that is moving up the coast.  The fish will be in one spot one day and another the next.  Still seeing them in North Carolina.  I am sure we will see something this weekend, I just don’t know what.  I mean … a whale just hit a pier, so stranger things have happened.  We do know there are some here, just have to find them or they find us.  You’re standing on the side of great big pond, it can take a little time and a lot luck.

“Lot of gannets off the beach today over a quarter-mile out.  Some were in groups diving on bait,and others just flying by.”

“Bluefish are chopping up swim shad tails off 3Rs this morning catching rats.”  That figures, I was on Fenwick Island and then I went to 3Rs.  Tomorrow will be north to south.  The beaches are empty on the weekdays this time of year, even with decent fishing.  Back at in an hour or so then, dinner somewhere, Taco Reho is killing it today with their menu.  Crooked Hammock has a beer release party today.


surf fishing, drive on beaches
Horseshoe crabs are buried in the sand be careful driving

The action up and down the Delaware bay beaches has been short bass and white perch.  However, there are over thirty pound bass showing up in the nets off slaughter beach area.  Netters are getting five bucks a pound for striped bass right now.  These have yet to spawn out but I know commercial guys need to make their money.

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The beaches are in decent shape. Just be mindful of high tide.  There are swales filling in on several beaches.  At low tide you could pull almost up to the water but hightide you want to be up on the beach.  Especially at 3Rs, which is really sheered off still and steep in spots.  Fenwick Island State Park beach is wide and flat with some swales.  Keybox to Faithful Steward is all swales but flat “ish”


masseys landing, longneck, delaware,suex county, water temperatures, fishing pier, usgs survey
Water temperatures in Masseys ditch the past week.

The white perch bite has been good in several tidal creek areas.  The short striped bass are mixed in with them as well.  A few shops have grass shrimp.  Icehouse bait and tackle had some the other day.  Everyone has bunker, and the ones in the waterways are huge.

The water temperatures have been averaging about forty-seven in the surf to maybe fifty degrees in the late afternoon.  The inland bays at Masseys ditch have been fluctuating between forty-eight and fifty-one degrees for four days.  It dropped nine degrees from that front that came through.

We will see you in the surf …

Fish On!

Rich King



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