A Dozen Quick And Easy Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

A dozen quick and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day

Shauna McVey

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Plastic fork tangled up in the grass on the beach

For most people, Earth Day is just a blip on the calendar that environmentalists and hippie folk might chime in on every April 22. But for us environmentalists and/or hippie folk, it’s much more. 

We as a society tend to take our home planet for granted, despite the fact that we couldn’t exist without it. We walk all over it, literally, and many dispose of their trash on it, too. To me, that’s insane. People wouldn’t throw trash on the floor of their own home. And the Earth is their own home. 

I started “celebrating” Earth Day when I realized how sacred this planet was to … everything. My only hope is that this holiday continues to catch on as humans become more aware of the importance our home planet. 

And it’s such a simple holiday to celebrate. There isn’t any coordination of dinner times, grocery shopping, cooking or pre-have-to-spend-time-with-family alcohol runs. All it takes is a few minutes to give back to the mother we all share – Mother Earth. 

delaware, earth day, sussex county, cellophane, pollution, beach clean up
Cellophane on the beach. We ifd a lot of this on the beaches these days.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day.   

1. Go Outside. It’s that simple. Put down your electronic devices, open your door and walk outside. Breath in the air around you (even if it smells of manure). Feel the air or wind. Look at the nature around you. Even if you’re surrounded by manmade things, all those things came from the Earth.  

2. Get back on your electronic device and switch all your bills to e-bills, which immediately cut back on unnecessary paper waste. Just make sure your billing company emails don’t go to your spam folder. 

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3. Take a hike. Walk five steps, five minutes or five miles. Just let yourself feel grounded on the ground, and appreciate that it’s there for you. 

4. Order a free tree. I was thrilled when my friend sent me this free energy-saving tree link. Just fill out some basic information and the Arbor Day Foundation will actually send you a free tree. http://energysavingtrees.arborday.org/#Home. 

5. Plant something.

6. Establish a home recycling process. Get ahold of a few small recycling bins for your home. They really come in handy as a middle step between your waste and the larger recycling can most of us have outside. I never have trash to take to the curb every week, and my outside recycling bin is always too full. 

7. Take a small bag with you when out and about and pick up trash you see during the day. Take along some gloves if you don’t want to touch trash with your bare hands. And if you litter, make a vow to yourself and the Earth that you’ll stop, or at least cut back on, littering. It’s just ugly. Don’t do it. 

8. Grab some reusable bags from a store, or collect the ones you have and put them in your vehicle. I’ve been lucky enough to collect enough free reusable bags from events that I have probably upward of 20. It took me a while to start using them, though. The trick was to gather them from all over my house, fold or stuff them all in one single bag, and leave it in my vehicle. This way they’re with me whenever I go to the store. Tip: Make sure to return them to your vehicle once emptied or at least leave them by the door. 

9. If you drink bottled water, buy a water filtration pitcher (https://tinyurl.com/y9dd64rr) or faucet filter https://tinyurl.com/yc9ed45a. Ditch the plastic bottles.

10. Choose to refuse straws. 

11. Hang a bird house. They’re relatively cheap to buy, and those with a few tools can even build their own. This is especially a fun activity to do with kids. Anyone remember wood shop? This article has a list of 25 free birdhouse plans: www.thebalance.com/free-birdhouse-plans-1357100

12. Share the Earth Day love. Take a photo of something you find beautiful about the Earth, and post it on social media. Encourage others to do the same. Use the hashtag #EarthDay to join the celebration worldwide. 

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