Whale Hits Ocean City Pier

Troy Bickle is fishing the Ocean City pier and just had a whale of a close encounter.  Check out the video below.  A small whale came towards the pier and literally ran into the pier pole and then headed back out to sea.  I would assume it is chasing all of the bunker we have in the surf right now.

Troy Bickle … “A little before noon we noticed a whale headed towards the pier while we were fishing.  When it got close it bumped into the pier pole, we even felt it.  Then it swam back out to sea.  It caught us by surprise and I will never forget this experience.” 

I have been surf fishing for the last four hours and caught a cold, but I was only throwing lures.  We need it to warm up.  The incoming tide was dead today, maybe the afternoon incoming will be better.  Water is about forty-seven degrees, but it is very clear.  Lot’s of horseshoe crabs on the beach and osprey fishing close to shore.

Fish On!

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Rich King

Whale video at Ocean City pier by Troy Bickle

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