Friday Fishing And Night Is Right On


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Stargazer caught at the Oceanic Fishing pier … photo from John Thompson

Yup, more rain for the weekend.  Had a little this morning too, tomorrow should only last to about a little after noon.  Either way it is crowded this weekend, lot of traffic today and early too which was weird, but no worries it picked right back up after it slacked off.  The water temperatures are bouncing from sixty six degrees to seventy six degrees at Masseys Landing.  The surf is a balmy sixty eight degrees during mid day. The Delaware bay topped out around seventy one degrees today from Lewes to Cape May.   Up north the Delaware river temperatures at Delaware city is eighty degrees.


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Ronald Newswanger holding his two flounder he speared at the Indian River Inlet

Where are the flounder?  That is the question I keep hearing.  The Lewes canal has been decent action but not for every angler.  Ronald Newswanger dove the Indian River Inlet last night, yes that means he went scuba diving.  He said the visibility was about three feet at best and he had to really work to get two flounder.  “Not seeing much fish so far this year like other years ”  Which could be due to the low visibility.  He will have some video to share with us after the holiday weekend.  Can you believe the fourth of July is just around the corner?  Who wanted summer here this fast?  It’s gonna be over before you know it.


Shark caught by Paul Jonovic it has a nice bite on the side and remora tagging along
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There are triggers in the Indian River Inlet.  I was at the park office today checking out the trophies for the kids tournament this weekend and Dave Trefsger told me the dock hands watched a large trigger move in and out of an exhaust pipe on a boat yesterday for hours.  I would look for them along the rock wall if they are feeding in exhaust pipes on boats.  They will hit clam, squid, and just about any cut bait.  Good to see the triggers are showing up already despite the cooler water temperatures.  Lot of short striped bass action at night at the inlet as well.  The water is the surf has been a bit dirty due to the wind,but clears up more on the incoming tide.


sheepshead, ocean city, inlet, fishing pier,
Ted from VA caught this 26 in 12 1/2 pound sheepshead in the inlet last night in oc blue/ white bass assassin on a jighead .. photo from John Thompson

The oceanic fishing pier in Ocean City reported a big sheepshead earlier today.  John Thompson  “Flounder bite has been picking up minnow gulp and cut spot for bait.  Shad, blues, rockfish, some puffers and tog,  small black drum and a red drum,and sea bass are in stealing bait”  Great pier to fish if you want to check out fishing near the ocean city inlet.  There have been some keeper striped bass caught and some decent sized redfish.  Lot of cownose rays too which are a chore to get over the rail.  Make sure you have a pier net.

Fish On!

Rich King


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