Fly Tying and Skating at the Dogpound


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Jens Cats Holding her dogfish

Well it was a fun weekend ringing in the new year.  If you weren’t surf fishing in Cape Henlopen then you wouldn’t know but Herring Point beach to Gordons pond was packed with everyone trying to catch striped bass. One buddy said it looked like summer, but at least everyone was actually fishing.  A few small striped bass were caught and I heard one keeper was seen being landed.  Other than that it was a skate and dogfish festival.  I spent some time fishing the back bays for schooling bass and that is always fun.  After seeing the bass Chris and his crew caught the one day I didn’t go to the surf I decided to float the boat for the day instead.  Some folks were hammering pickerel in a few area ponds.  Fishing was certainly an adventure for some folks.  People who did overnighters were treated to a show of shooting stars since the Quadrantids are in peak, which will be the heaviest Sunday night around 3 AM.  The catches were all dogs and skates but everyone was happy to be out there and get a tug on a line.  Paul and Jen got to use his new 20 gallon outdoor stove on the beach.  He put up a “how to” in the DIY section of the forum if you want to make one.  Very cool design and you can cook on it.

Bowers Beach Jetty tour ..


The "easy" flies the kids tied
The “easy” flies the kids tied
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Ronin and Bodie at the fly tying table with their dad Max assisting

Saturday was the first Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware tie meeting at Lewes Harbor Marina.  It was good to see the club and I met Mac’s grandsons, Ronin and Bodie, who are into fly tying and using the flies they tie to catch fish.  They only tie freshwater flies now, but are looking to get into Saltwater fly fishing.  When I asked what they were tying?  Ronin told me … ” The easy stuff that catches fish”.  I asked how long he has been tying flies and he said all of his life, keep in mind this is an 11 year old telling me this in a room full of old salts.  I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear.  He is well on his way to joining the ranks of anglers that can tell a tall tale.  Bodie showed me the flies they tied that day and he was excited to try them later that afternoon in a nearby pond.  Their Dad Max was very proud of his boys, good to see not only the parents taking an interest in the kid’s hobbies but also encouraging them.  I am sure their grandfather has been a bit of an influence on their fly fishing interest.  Speaking of Old Salts, I have a section we are adding this week you are all going to be very interested in, and you will never guess  my first guest.  I will give you a hint, think baseball.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, back to the grind tomorrow.


Fish On!!

Rich King

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Sean Rakes articulated pickerelfly

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