Paddling With Humpback Whales


humpback whale breaching, newjersey, delaware, east coast whales
Humpback Whale breaching while feeding … photo by Nikolas Pattantyus

Over the weekend, Nikolas Pattantyus was watching a pod of whales from the beach in New Jersey and decided to venture out on his paddleboard for a closer look.  He got up close and personal with the humpbacks while they were feeding.  Not sure I would willingly paddle into a group of whales like that, you could be asking for trouble.  The video caption says it all … “Warm, sunny skies with light winds made for ideal conditions to paddle offshore and watch these humpback whales gorge themselves on bunker. I had more than a few hair-raising experiences out there.  Filmed in Stone Harbor, NJ between Stone Harbor Point and 90th St. on 12/6 and 12/7. I saw 4 different whales (2 on 12/6 which makes up the first half of the vid, and 2 on 12/7 for the second half) but only got quality footage from one whale each day. For the most part, the whales were 1-2 miles offshore but the encounter at the end of the video happened about 4 miles offshore.”  Just keep in mind of you ever decide to do this it can be very dangerous, you are in their house, not the other way around.

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