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Big Eye Flies Mac was tying this weekend. Not for catching big eyes, the flies have big eyes.

This past weekend was the first of many fly tie Saturday gatherings for the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware Club.   Also known affectionately as the donut club, we eat a lot of donuts.  This last Saturday meeting was laid more so than most.  Usually it is crowded the first meet, but the weather as of late has been an issue for many.  I expect this weekend more of the club will be there.  Everyone was tying flies and trading stories.  I haven’t seen some of the club members since last year’s fly tie sessions.  Looking forward to more in the upcoming weeks.  There were a few new fly tying boxes members made since the sessions last year.  Some of these boxes hold a ridiculous amount of gear but all of it is needed.  When you first look at one it can be a bit overwhelming, but then you realize after you get into tying all of that gear and then some is necessary.

Fly tying station, saltwater fly anglers of delaware, sussex county, lewes harbor marina
Fly tying station
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Drop by and check out the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware.  You can learn a great deal in a small amount of time hanging out during a morning tie session.  Mac ties a lot of flies during these sessions and many of those flies are for sale at the shop, Lewes Harbor Marina.  Sessions start at 9 AM.

Fish On!

Rich King

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