Flounder Pounder Open Day 3

Yesterday many boats fished their last day, a few fish came to the scales but nothing knocked off the 8.5 pounder caught by Mike Frank, that is holding first place.  This is a five-day tournament and anglers can choose which of the three days they want to fish.  Many opted for the first three days to avoid the weather this weekend and the extra boats that the weekend brings.  There are 132 boats out today, the least amount that have fished in a day.

Teams that fished yesterday for the first time will have to fish today and Sunday.  Scales open at 4 PM, any day now we might see a double-digit at the scales.  So far it is not looking good, there have been a few ten pounders caught in the last couple of weeks.  Lot of keepers but all in the five-pound range.  Seems like two different year class fish are coming to the scales this year.  The six pound range and the eight pound range.  The difference in lengths and weights is due to how the fish was stored, and how much it has been eating.


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Mike Frank’s leading flounder at 8.5 pounds. Came to the scales live

When Mike Frank came to the scales the other day he had his flounder in a cooler with a bubbler to keep it alive until it hit the scales.  “You always keep the fish in saltwater water and alive in a weight tournament.  Just the loss of the slime coat and it dying will lose ounces and could be the difference between a winning fish.”  … Mike Frank.   If Mike hadn’t kept that fish in water, I know it would not have topped the 8.4 pounder it beat.  Fish can lose much more weight than that when on ice and even in freshwater.  When fish die the slime coat is the first thing to go, then water weight.  Keep them alive for your most weight.  Some of the heavier fish would be heavier if they had been in water the whole time to the scales.

From the Flounder Pounder crew at Paradise Grill … “We are on Day 4 of the 2018 Flounder Pounder Open and we have 132 boats fishing today! We have some pretty big fish on the leaderboards right now but there is still plenty of time for the remaining teams to grab their chance to win $100,000.00 or a brand new Scout Dorado w/ a MSRP of close to $193,000.00! ? The State of New Jersey was on fire yesterday, they not only caught the biggest fish of the day but also placed 2 out 3 in the daily Calcutta and still currently hold 2 out of the top 3 on the Overall Leaderboard! It’s going to be a great day to see some fish! Scales open at 4pm! Don’t forget, the 1st 200 spectators in the Lagoon Area get a FPO Towel! Keep in mind the Daily Calcutta Board is wiped clean everyday therefore the 3 teams with the biggest fish today will be leaving here with some prize money $$$ “

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Sea You at the scales!

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